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When asked how he matches the perfect buyer to the perfect home, Chad believes that buyers need to get out with their agent and see what is on the market. “The more wrong houses you see, the better off you’re going to be because you find out that the right house is out there.  It’s an elimination process that changes every time a house sells and a new one comes on the market”


Chad Traynor is an award-winning real estate agent, working in Barrie, ON, at Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. Brokerage, where he has been the top producer for the last two years.  He takes pride in his ability to provide outstanding service to home buyers and sellers alike. “All I can do is represent people and do what’s best for them.” Chad waited until he was twenty-five to pursue his real estate career, remaining a firm believer that one requires life experience before they can excel in this business.


It is undeniable that this economy has led to a struggling real estate market.  However, Chad remains at the forefront of real estate, likely due to his firm belief that an important aspect of being an agent is to help steer clients in the right direction, towards a home that doesn’t just suit their current needs, but rather, aims to support their future criteria as well.  He also focuses on the necessity of honesty, as he continually points out potential pitfalls to the customer, such as aging windows or an ancient furnace.  He also guides clients through the legal portion of home buying and selling and believes that protecting his clients is crucial to a good working relationship.


Chad points out that for first-time buyers, home purchases are often based on emotional criteria versus practical criteria, and he considers it his job to guide them towards the purchase that makes the most sense for them.  When clients are buying their fourth or fifth home, buyers tend to focus on smaller details of a property and often, these buyers must first sell their current house before purchasing a new one.  “if the situation allows, it’s better to sell your house first, ask for a long closing, and then really start the offering process.”And lastly, when making investment property purchases, versus a residence to live in, Chad feels that the most important feature to consider is future potential.  He notes that looking for “trends and future development in the area” are key to buying a property that you will be able to sell later for a profit.


When it comes to selling, Chad notes that the beloved city is the “last frontier of affordable housing” as you head up the highway from Toronto.  He remains passionate about his city and all that it has to offer including—thriving art scene, decadent restaurants and incredible homes.


If you need to buy or sell a home, Chad Traynor has proven that year after year, he produces results for his clients, while maintaining his professional and dedicated demeanour.


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