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Kirk Evans - On-Site Computer Services
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Kirk Evans
On-Site Computer Services

Kirk Evans has been the proud owner of Fast Solution since 2008.  What started off as a franchise (Fastteks) quickly got changed to the new name when Kirk realized that the franchise was limiting the most important quality in a computer service company......SERVICE!  They do things differently at Fast Solution, they communicate on the customers level.  It sounds simple, but when he did the market research before opening up, this was customers biggest complaint.  There are many experienced IT professionals out there, but very few can explain your issue in your terms.  Fast Solution has just this type of technician.  They pride themselves on quick, efficient work, so that you can get back on your computer, with little downtime.  If you have an issue or just a question, give the experts a call at (705)739-FAST [3278] or visit the website at . 

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